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The New and Improved Producer Presets

Posted 10 months ago by Michael Witwicki

We've added a whole bunch of features to Producer Presets and it is now twice as fast.

Producer Presets is (kind of) brand new

Over the past four months we have been completely overhauling the code for Producer Presets. There were a whole bunch of feature requests that you all sent us, but before we integrated them it made sense to make sure we were building on the best possible foundation.

As a result, the site is WAY faster. Check it out.

New Features

We've started adding a bunch of new features, many of which came from your feedback. So if there is anything you'd like to see us add or improve in the future, please reach out!

Improved Card View

We've moved a bunch of the features that were previously only available after you'd clicked into a preset up to the list views. You can now download the preset, listen to audio samples and view screenshots without having to click into the preset page itself.

Improved Card View

Advanced Search

The advanced search now allows you to quickly filter presets by plugin manufacturer and plugin. But most importantly, you can easily filter out any factory default presets.

Advanced search screenshot


You can now earn points by doing different things on Producer Presets. For now, points are awarded for the following actions:

  • Upload a preset (100 Points)
  • Upload an avatar to your profile for the first time (50 Points)
  • Upload an banner to your profile for the first time (50 Points)
  • Add an audio sample to a preset (25 Points)
  • Add a screenshot to a preset (10 Points)
  • Comment on a preset (5 Points)
  • Vote on a preset (1 Points)

I know what you're thinking, why do I care about fake internet points? Well, we wanted a way to reward the producers who contribute to the site. We're still working out the details, but one of the things we plan on doing in the future is building in actual rewards for users who hit certain thresholds. We have some ideas as to what those might be, but nothing is definite quite yet.

New points system in Producer Presets


Well, since we have points now, it only made sense to update the Leaderboard to reflect them. You knew we had a leaderboard, right?

Updated Producer Presets Leaderboard

Category Filters

From the homepage, you can now filter down the list of all presets. We're in the process of going through all the uploaded presets and tagging them appropriately. When you upload your next preset, you'll have the ability to put them in the correct category.

Homepage category filters

Help us make Producer Presets better for everyone

First of all, we want to take a second to acknowledge the fact that there are literally thousands of you using Producer Presets now. That's crazy, and awesome - and we couldn't be more excited.

The reality with any kind of website like Producer Presets is that 1% of the users will contribute presets, while 99% will use the site to download them. Our numbers are actually slightly better than the 1% rule - you are awesome.

That said, the more presets we have available - the more users will join, which means that 1% will turn into more presets for everyone!

If everyone could share even ONE preset - there could be thousands of new presets for everyone to enjoy. We want to make this an amazing site, but we can't do it without your help!

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