Producer Presets

About us

Why we built Producer Presets

We’re audio nerds. The four of us have always loved music and audio. Seeing bands we loved, being in bands, recording bands… we could never get enough music in our lives. We simply love music. Yet, one thing was consistent through all of the years we spent growing up around beautiful sound: our development and marketing day jobs needed our attention. What’s a poor developer to do?

Solving big problems for startups and enterprises is part of our collective DNA. We realized that to give our idea the attention it deserved, we needed to elevate its project status to keep it out of the perpetual backlog. So, we made the decision to bring Producer Presets to life, combining our love of music with our deep experience in product development, design, and growth marketing.

We do this because we love music and want to help other musicians, engineers, and producers just like you. We hope you find Producer Presets useful and would love to hear your feedback on how to make it better.


70+ years of combined development, design, and growth marketing experience drives this idea forward. Did anyone pay us to create it? Not a chance. Producer Presets is 100% self-funded by us. We believe this idea is worth nurturing and sharing with the world.

Ian Hughes

Ian Hughes, Designer / Marketing

Ian’s audio career began at age 12 with a Tascam Portastudio that he still owns. He spent the first part of his adult life as an audio engineer recording bands, working on his own music, engineering for NPR, and teaching audio at Boston University. Then in his early twenties, after going back to school a few times over, he found his career in marketing and design. He owns Boston Growth Marketing, a growth marketing consulting firm based in Boston, MA that works primarily with Seed and VC-funded, B2B and B2C tech startups. View Ian’s Profile

Michael Witwicki

Michael Witwicki, Backend Developer

A backend web developer by day and a home-studio hobbyist by night, Michael has been writing code and making music for most of his life. As a partner at Outfit, Michael builds applications for clients across the country. As a musician, he attended the New England Conservatory, toured extensively supporting his own music and started recording music back when CRT monitors ruled the day and plugins were a brand new concept. View Michael’s Profile

Marc Amos

Marc Amos, Developer

Marc knows absolutely nothing about making music, but is a pretty darn good web developer and business partner at Outfit (he thinks – you’ll have to confirm with the others). He listens to a lot of Spotify—in fact, he’s convinced he has finished Spotify, despite that being impossible. When he’s not writing code, he’s trying hard to be the best dad and husband he can be. Elsewhere, you can find him on his personal website, Twitter, or GitHub.

Johannes Booy

Johannes Booy, Designer

Jan's music began when he was 14. Since then he has followed the music wherever it takes him, mostly to VFW's and friends birthday parties. Jan currently plays guitar in the best Dad-bod cover band in his village. His bandmates know him as "Ham". A luddite in the recording studio, he can barely get his head around pedals and amps, let alone plugins. In spite of this general confusion, he designs user interfaces as a partner at Outfit, and is partially responsible for the pixels you see here today.

Product roadmap

We’ve got a million ideas for Producer Presets, or at least a hundred. But none of that matters if you, the user, don’t use or need a feature. Let us know how we’re doing and what you want to see added. We listen to all user feedback and continually run user tests to make sure that we spend time where users need it most.

Contact us

We have not one, but more than six ways for you to get in touch with us: